Feeling like you're living life in a doctor's office

Feeling like you won't ever be healthy

Feeling like your life will always be restrictive

Feeling alone and lost

Feeling like your illness is standing in the way of consistency

Feeling like you can't ever get a leg-up on your illness

Feeling like you're able to stand on your own two feet

Feeling like being healthy is completely do-able

Feeling like your life is amazing and unique

Feeling understood and seen

Feeling like your illness is a gift and tool

Feeling like you know how to manage your illness and which resources to turn to

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I truly believe in you and your inherent power to overcome and step into your calling. You are not meant to live sad, in pain, anxious or lonely. While you may struggle with a chronic illness, you don't have to sit there. Let's work together to build a joyful life!

Chronic illness coach, lifestyle strategist and imperfect enneagram one. I'm here to work with those who feel like their mental and physical health is standing in the way of a full and engaging life. 

There's no magic wand or fairy dust involved. Just some good old fashioned hard work, a dedication towards unlocking the answers inside of yourself and working together to take action towards your goals.

I exist to make your life more joyful and fulfilling.

Specializing in helping you to recognize your power, create a strategic plan and build a life that you love.

Angeleen Holden

"Allyn reveals strategies to receive breakthroughs from limiting mindsets. As a result, I have a greater understanding of mindset and am better equipped to move forward in life with positivity and joy. I had so much fun learning with Allyn and highly recommend working with her!"

Here to help you identify roadblocks, implement strategies to overcome them and take action towards a more joyful life. 

I prefer to tailor coaching packages to each individual and create a plan to set you up for success. Schedule your free 30minute discovery call today to get going!




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Community in chronic illness is key. Here's the thing - you're not alone. I know just how isolating chronic illness can be and that's why we've created a specific community of like-minded goal getters over on Facebook. Can't wait to see you there!



A cross between Rachel Hollis and Amy Schumer. I live for lighting up audiences and providing actionable takeaways to create change! Check out my media bio and expert topics to see how we can work together!



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pen pals,

shall we?

Let's be 

Let's chat! I absolutely work with those who do not suffer from a chronic illness. Loads of the techniques, tools and concepts used crossover really well. If you're an individual  motivated to make a change, I'd love to hear from you!

What is a chronic illness coach?

Of course! I come from a background of being undiagnosed for years so I know the frustrations and unknowns that you carry. I would be honored to walk through your journey with you and create a successful gameplan!

I haven't been officially diagnosed yet - can we still work together?

As a chronic illness coach, I help those with chronic illness/pain navigate the healthcare world, advocate for yourself and provide emotional support. Here's the thing - I'm not a doctor. Instead, I act as a mentor, helping you to create specifically tailored plans that compliment your given treatment plan. I'm also here for you as emotional support and a sounding board for anything that arises.

Why should I learn from you?


No problem at all! All of our work is via online spaces. I currently carry clients from around the world with no issue at all. 

What is a lifestyle strategist?

There are loads of reasons but here are my top two: 
1. I am tons of fun. Really, I often say that I am my own best friend. It's just the truth. But working with me is like hanging with a friend.
2. I have been there and know where you are at mentally. There aren't any tricks you can pull or excuses that I haven't tried myself. I've felt all the feelings and gone through all the emotions. I'm just one step ahead of you!

My goal as a lifestyle strategist is to help look at your lifestyle as a whole and put the proper framework in place to see real results in areas you wish to improve. This means that we will work with your current lifestyle trends and needs, utilizing strategies to get you where you want to go. We're not in the business of throwing unrealistic goals at the wall and hoping they stick. Instead, we work with where you're at to make the healthiest and most positive changes possible.

DOes it matter than I'm not located in your town?

What if I don't have a chronic illness but still want to work with you? 

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