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Doing it despite (verb): the act of pursuing a full and joyful life despite your life's challenges

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Your resident wellness coach, specializing in women with chronic illnesses. Helping those who are run down, burnt out, struggling to find direction or feeling like there's more life to be lived. 

I'm equipped to help you because I have been there. For over 15 years I have lived all things chronic illness. From the doctors appointments, specialist testing, treatments, etc, I've had it all. What I've come to learn and know deep in my bones is this: While your illness is part of the story, it isn't the whole story. Everyone has a life to live and joy to be found. I help you get there!

Hi, I'm Allyn!

Who's that girL?


Community has been a saving grace for me throughout years of chronic illness. Knowing that you're not alone and that others stand with you is everything. Check out our Facebook group to meet with other like-minded ladies!

Story teller, mentor, friend, teacher, I do it all! I'd be delighted to hear about your event needs. Check out my media bio and expert topics to see how I could be of benefit to your audience!


Need help with creating a game plan to take on your illness and reclaim your life? I would be honored to work with you and get you back to living the life you deserve!


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Megan O'Malley

"I felt the benefits from working with Allyn after the first day. I would 100% do it again!"

Tesa Ramsay

"You can really feel Allyn’s passion for helping her clients! She is so relatable and she brings you to realize that you CAN change your mindset! I recommend working with her for anyone wanting to have a healthier and happier mind!"

Tash Anderson

"I appreciate that Allyn did not just sit there and lecture us, instead she gave us tools and strategies (that are actually working) to help us grow our growth mindset.... Thank you, Allyn, for creating a safe place for us to all open up, share common challenges, and grow! This is an investment worth making for yourself!"

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