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Allyn Amerongen is a wellness coach specializing in empowering women with chronic illnesses to overcome obstacles and step into their calling. Her signature techniques focus on strengthening mindset and building healthful practices, allowing for women to live a joyful life beyond the boundaries of illness.

Professionally, Allyn has 15+ years in the chronic pain/illness field with participation in patient-focused programs from Mayo Clinic and is certified in the Knowledge Broker Blueprint. On a personal note, Allyn’s passion for helping others stems from her own battle with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Migraines.

Allyn has been featured on multiple podcasts and online publications, including Table Time Podcast, The Process Podcast and HealthiNation. She currently resides in Bend, Oregon with major wanderlust, which has taken her from Iceland to Austria and many places in between. She is available to comment on mindset, chronic pain/illness, cutting out negativity, finding joy and following your calling.

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