wellness coach + chronic illness strategist

Helping women with chronic illnesses get out of bed, back to work + back to life on THEIR terms without the rollercoaster of pain + emotional burnout

Fancy meeting you here!

Pronounced like the guy from the Hangover and named after my grandfather, I'm an Oregon girl with a passion for personal development, dogs and Nikes. 

I've lived well over half of my life with chronic pain and illness. Going from undiagnosed to misdiagnosed and finally landing on Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. If you're here with me, you know that the days with chronic illness aren't easy. 

Coming from a place where I was depressed, anxious and thought there was no way out;  I worked tirelessly to reclaim my life, rewrite the narrative and flip the script on chronic illness. I'm here to help you do the same!

I'm Allyn.

About the main gal

I can do hard things

My mantra

horseback riding

Favorite activity

Nike Sneakers

I'm always wearing

Grey's Anatomy

Show on repeat

My family - and dog!

What I Can't Live Without


Favorite Food

A bit more about me...

I believe... illness is not your story. You are worthy of a big, full, beautiful life and I'm  going to help you get there.


I believe... in YOU. Your ability to persist, overcome and life joyfully!


I believe.... that life isn't a reflection of your Pinterest board or Instagram feed. You are made to live outside the squares of social media and lean in to what sets your soul on fire.



I have to say, I think you're making a great decision! I am so thrilled to hear from you, learn about your story and how we can work together to build your most beautiful life!

work together?

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